Whatever web presence option you decide to go for, your online name is important.

Whenever people look for your product or service, and they look online, what they find will there will determine what they think of you.

You don't need an expensive website.If a rival company has a similar¬†website (or domain) name as yours, or worse, it’s for a totally inappropriate¬†product, then your image could suffer.

Finding the perfect name for your website can be a pain. Get it wrong and it will live with you forever! Get it right and it will act as the best marketing took that you can think of.

Fortunately it’s not hard and it’s not expensive and any webdesign company that says it is, is pulling the wool over your eyes!

There are lots of companies that will sell you a domain name, and there are lots of services that will offer you alternatives if your first name is already taken.

We use GoDaddy Domain search as we think they are the cheapest and most efficient, take a look at them here. Or you could use these guys, or these.

As you can see it’s not expensive, but it will be the most important online decision you make.

You don’t want to end up like these companies who didn’t have someone advising them!


In order to help you avoid these sort of mistakes then we’ll search for some options. The prices are posted on GoDaddy’s site but we will charge a small admin fee for sorting it all out. If you want to discuss this further drop us a line here.